PT Twin Sinergi International started as a company focused on developing lubricant products for gasoline and diesel fuels for all types and types of engines, both for vehicles, heavy equipment, and light and heavy industrial equipment. our products are focused on making special formulas for lubricant additives that are environmentally friendly. So that through “green nanotechnology” our products can be implemented optimally to tools or machines that require lubrication systems. In this stage, we have created several superior products that have the best quality and can be superior in meeting the needs of consumers and business people.


SINEXO Engine Lubricants is specially formulated to improve engine performance and engine oil usage time with “Green Nano-Protection” technology which is an environmentally friendly innovation.


Sinexo is here to provide efficiency solutions for the community because it can save vehicle fuel and save vehicle oil.


Sinexo contributes to the safety and stability of agricultural production with environmentally friendly materials.